Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Companies Like Apple are Destroying Our Economy

Linked from Apple, Inc
Supplier Responsibility page.*
America has a deep rooted problem with our economy. Our Middle Class has almost entirely disappeared as our exports are now our imports. More and more we're becoming a provider of services, instead of goods. I recently read and article that used Apple, Inc. as an example to demonstrate what exactly has gone wrong. I rarely agree completely with something of this nature, but alas, I found myself compelled to read the whole thing and found myself agreeing on nearly every point.

The article reveals that manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas not entirely because Chinese workers are much cheaper than American workers, in fact it pointed out that it would only cost ~$60 USD  more per device to make iPads in the USA. The problem, however, is that Chinese factories have surpassed the capabilities of their American counterparts astronomically.