Friday, March 30, 2012

So, Wait, It's Not A Girly Drink?

Cocktails: "Lecker." Included notes ...
Cocktails: "Lecker." Included notes (left to right): Tequila Sunrise, Erdn├╝sse, sind hier Standard (in the bowl), Mai Tai, and a receipt for €4,50 und €4,75. (Mallorca, exs100, cocktails, canpicafort, Spain, spanien) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Happy Hour blog over at GIZMODO has an interesting article, a rather well-developed approach that analyzes a few of those alcohol-related rumors. The one that interested me most pertained to mixed drinks, you know the ones that don't make you choke, gag, or barf. Coincidentally they're also the drinks that put on the receiving end of the jests from friends, joking that you can't handle the "rougher" stuff, or making you out to be the "bitch" or "pussy." Not all is as it seems.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quitting Smoking: Day 2

i quit!
i quit! (Photo credit: stallio)
A few days ago I began to get an inkling of the idea to quit smoking, it would drastically help my daily run (I could actually, you know, breathe while I ran for once). Today is day 2 without a cigarette. The literature packaged with the Nicorette gum I bought says the first few days are the hardest. I seriously hope that's the truth because honestly it hasn't been that hard yet.

I've had a few rough moments but I take a few deep breaths, decide if it's a craving or me just wanting a cigarette and either chew some gum or try to occupy myself. This seems to be going well as of yet and if it gets easier after the first few days then this shouldn't be too hard. 

I've never tried quitting before, and statistically people don't usually succeed their first time, but I'm hoping I can.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tired of Spending Money on Diet Pills, Programs, and Gimmicks?

Are Bananas Much Better Than Cookies? Foods That Keep You Full and Prevent an Energy Crash:

I came across this in my Google Reader and I thought I should share it. Every day I see a new commercial for a workout system, diet pill (drink, food, candy bar...), or diet plan. You know what I'm talking about, and if you've tried them, or those around you have, you're familiar with how they work out: Sometimes you loose some weight, but then you gain it back almost immediately; more often you simply don't bother to do the work. You end up "cheating" so much it's not even cheating anymore, you're just binge eating. We wonder why diets don't work, and the answer is there, swatting you in the face, but the commercial weight-loss industry has everyone believing they need a pill to loose a pound (or fifty).

You want the secret to loosing some weight, and then keeping it off? I'll tell you, I'll tell you 100% of it and I won't charge you a dime, I won't ask for your E-mail, and this post is certainly not a limited-time offer just for you and the first 23 others who get exclusive VIP access. No. Read on and I'll do my best to explain how to loose weight in a healthful way, that won't have long-term health implications that may yet be unknown because of the lack of any quality studies performed on the safety of diet pills and supplements.