Friday, April 20, 2012

Less than 100 Days Until London 2012 Olympics

London Wheel - London
London Wheel - London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
The NGO (National Gymnastics Organization) has started blowing up Twitter for the commencement of the 100 Days Ceremonies. Soon the torch will begin it's journey to London where it will be greeted by the future King and Queen of England. I'm crazy excited for the Olympics, this being the only major sporting event I take time out for every four years, though I do try to keep tabs on the Gymnasts since they're my favorite event throughout.

Greece has offered to provide a replica ancient Greek war ship to bear the torch to London but committee organizers have declined the offer, and Greece has taken offence. The Greek has canceled a dinner event aboard the vesse
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece (Photo credit: freeasinfreedom)
l to which English dignitaries were invited next month.

The IRA has seemingly decided to use this year's Olympic Games in London to build their platform, most people having forgotten about the small groups of rebels. They're expected to make bomb attempt during the Torch's procession through Ireland. Since the routes are mapped and planned well in advance this is expected to be a tactical fiasco for Irish police forces. This is reminiscent of the 2004 Greek Olympics when security was at an all-time-high after the September 11th hijackings in the USA and other political uncertainties of the time. Can't we have one Olympic cycle where everyone doesn't want to murder each other? The games are supposed to bring our nations together, even if they didn't start that way. Back when Ancient Greece was just Greece, the games were far less extensive and were held as a means to resolve disputes between Sparta and Greece.

I plan to attempt to cover the Olympic Games this year, mostly to show my support and cheer on Team USA, besides this is the most patriotism I can manage to eek out every 4 years.

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